SVDA-1 S-Video (SVHS) 4-Output Distribution Amplifier

This is the unit that started Inday back in 1990.  Products like these used to sell for $400 to $1000 each.


High quality 4 output SVHS (S-Video) Splitter.

Independent Y and C Level Adjustments.


Here is a S-Video Distribution Amplifier designed with your Budget in mind. For a lot less money, you get a quality 4-Output Y/C Distribution Amplifier that is small enough to be put virtually anywhere. No cluttered Desktops or expensive Rack Frames to buy.


 For your Character Generator, VTR or Non-Linear Editor with only ONE S-Video output, the SVDA-1 offers a simple solution to gain those extra monitor points or VTR feeds. If your need requires making multiple SVHS Dubs of a finished project you can keep the Video in its component form without ever going to an inherently noisy NTSC (Composite) signal. The SVDA-1 provides a simple solution to simple problems at a very reasonable price.


• Specifications

• INPUT: 4-pin mini Din (SVHS)

• Y-channel 1Vp-p terminated

• C-channel .8Vp-p terminated

• OUTPUT: Four 4-pin mini Din

• Y-channel 1Vp-p *

• C-channel .8Vp-p *

• Impedance 75 ohms

• Noise > 60dB below 1Vp-p

• requency Resp. DC - 10Mhz +/-.3dB

• Y/C delay < 2ns

• GAIN:* -4.5dB to +3dB both Y & C

• 6V p-p to 1.4V p-p Y-channel

• .45V p-p to 1.05Vp-p C-channel

Made in the Oregon,USA!


Manual (PDF)


SVDA-1 (includes power supply)



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